Competition Awards

Presenting the awards bestowed on the winners of the TOATL Design A Baddie Competition. Created by Invokal Ink and from his Screwed universe, the models from left to right…

‘The Artist’ for Tim Remp’s 3rd Place, Caster aka CA-573R the SODA bot for Katharine D’Almaine’s 2nd Place & Mettaton from Undertale for Ryan Week’s 1st Place.

‘Design A Baddie’ Competition Winners!


Announcing the winners of our ‘Design A Baddie’ for the extended whoniverse competition 2017!

The Doctor has been thinking long and hard to decide our winners:
“It’s been one of the most difficult decisions of my life! I mean – Daleks, Cybermen, The Ood!? – NOTHING compared to this challenge.” – The Doc

1st Place – Ryan Weeks with ‘Stuffed Monster’.

We really found humour in Ryan’s entry and were very impressed with the many features. We especially liked – the in/out blades for feet, the cannons for arms which shoot both balls of poison and lightsabers (with no handle), and of course the weak spots! Something every good Doctor Who villain should have!

Congratulations to Ryan! He wins a personalised model from Invokal Ink, R. R. Molyneux’s novel Lioness and of course the Stuffed Monster will be made into a forth-coming minisode of Tales Of A Timelord from TOATL Audio. 

2nd Place – Katharine D’Almaine with ‘Ky-Rek of Kyandr’

The depth of detail here was superb and the lengthy thought that must of gone into it deserved 2nd place. Katharine has a magical skill with the pencil. She wins a model and a novel. *Katharine has subsequently auditioned and gained a role in the up-coming audio movie SUNRISE so listen out for her there!

3rd Place – Tim Remp with ‘Captain Sa’Blanc’ 

Tim’s written entry is something that, as writers, both myself and Ryan were very impressed with. His vision is wonderful and we believe he has a bright future in story telling!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the responses and cherished looking through them all so much. Thank you to everyone who took time to take part from The Doc and all of us at TOATL Audio. x

Out 5/9/17 – SUNRISE – A Feature Length Science Fiction Audio Movie

5/9/17. 10am GMT. They’re BACK.
TOATL Audio present… SUNRISE – A Feature Length Science Fiction Audio Movie.
Written By R. R. Molyneux. Directed & Soundscaped By Invokal Ink.
Starring Invokal as The Doctor & Hattie Snooks as Maria Swift.
Also Starring Lucy JonesPhilippa HammondJimmy DeanKatharine D’Almaine & Mark Culmer.
With music by Merlin Afk and Vice Beats

Design a Baddie for the TOATL Universe!

Ladies, gentlemen, aliens of all kinds… May we very proudly present our debut competition! – Design a BADDIE for the TOATL universe!

Open to all ages, and all skill sets, this competition gives you the chance to invent and design a baddie from anywhere in time or space. – The winning entry will go up against the Doctor & Maria in an up-coming minisode!

As well as winning a unique and personalised Robot model from Invokal Ink‘s Screwed universe, and a copy of R. R. Molyneux‘s super-hero novel Lioness. (Second place will receive a book and a model, third place will receive a choice of either a book or model.)

You can use any format of your choice, paint, draw, sculpt or writing we’ll be over-joyed to see and read them all! The Doctor’s decision is FINAL!

You have until the 1st of August to get your entries to us digitally at

From The Doc, Maria and the whole TOATL team – GOOD LUCK!